The Marquette is a vine that was not yet cultivated in Quebec when we discovered it. Our vineyard is now essentially made up of this little son of the Pinot Noir grape, that easily resists to the cold. We also carry other varieties, such as Frontenac noir and Frontenac gris grapes, that allow us to create unique and delicious wines, to which we add no sulfates upon corking… Helping you avoid a headache!

Unfined and unfiltered, our organic production is all about the grapes themselves – as opposed to other wines that can contain up to 400 ingredients! This allows us to let the wine do it’s thing, relying on the grape’s natural acidity to let it mature to it’s full depth.

All our wines are currently out of stock, back early 2019!

pigeon-hill-rougePigeon Hill, 2016

Pigeon Hill, Reserve, 2016 – Out of stock

Aged for 12 months in oak barrels, this fully flavoured wine has delicate tannins and is aromatic, clear and has an explodes of violet, cherry, pepper and sweet spice notes – set off with subtle & inviting accents of pastry. Fresh and elegant, notice its lingering floral notes.

Cépages: 80% Marquette, 20% Frontenac noir | Decant: 1h (minimum) | Serve between 16-17 degrees | 12.8% alcohol



Le Chai, 2016 – Out of stock

Crisp on the palate, le Chai explodes of pepper, red fruits and hazelnut notes. Aged for 12 months in oak barrels, this wine’s tannins – full of subtle forest aromas – are light and silky, reminding us of a frank Cabernet de la Loire.

Variety: 100% Marquette | Decant: 1h (minimum) | Serve between 16-17 degrees | 13.2% alcohol




Rosé, 2017 – Out of stock

Dry, with light raspberry notes, this rosé is delicate. It’s fresh acidity make it perfect for warm summer nights, or as a side to smoked salmon.

Variety: 100% Frontenac gris | No need to decant | Serve cold | 12.5% alcohol




Bubbly – Out of stock

With its brut nature, this fine bubbly is confected using a method native to Champagne. Frank and alive, it’s effervescence tickles the palate.

Variety: 100% Frontenac gris | No need to decant | Serve cold | 12.5% alcohol

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