Amidst tranquil rolling hills, our vines are mounted in espalier on eight beautiful acres of well-drained alluvial soil – perfect for cultivating grapes.

We have both Frontenac noir and Frontenac gris grapes, as well as the Marquette, which is a cross between an indigenous vine, resistant to the cold, and that of pinot noir.

The winery itself was built by hand by Kevin Shufelt, a 5th generation farmer, using the large pine trees on his land.  An elegant building, it’s rustic and welcoming qualities reflect the area’s charm.

The surrounding fauna is abundant: bees, field mice, foxes, deer and wild turkeys make up the wildlife wondering the rows of our pesticide-free vineyard. And while organic agriculture can be challenging at times – the harmony and abundant life it allows for makes it all worth while.