Organic agriculture is a way a life, as much as it is a technique.

Using preventative methods, rather than curative ones, our biodynamic approach works with nature and not against it. Rather than solve problems with chemicals, we seek to prevent them by using natural products.

Our permaculture approach leans on an ecosystem, in which animals and plants participate, allowing the vineyard to blossom with life. Therefore, we don’t use synthetic products, herbicides, pesticides or GMOs.

We believe that grapes should be able to defend themselves against disease, insects and wild grass, so that they can get stronger and develop character that will inevitably contribute to the wine’s unique taste. For us, there is no such thing as a “weed” – unless it’s growing between rows, that is… And onto the lawn mower we go!

Organic wine is therefore bottled with a minimum amount of interventions. It’s essentially alive and vital and brought to you in its purest form.

For all these reasons, we’ve decided to maintain our vineyard at a scale that allows us to keep an eye on every step of the production ourselves – because, for us, it will always be about quality over quantity.